Recent Praise

Recent Praise


Many people are talking about eLessons Learned. Check out what a few of them have had to say:

“The blog takes a clever approach to [e-discovery]. Each post discusses an e-discovery case that involves an e-discovery mishap, generally by a company employee. It discusses the conduct that constituted the mishap and then offers its ‘e-lesson’ — a suggestion on how to learn from the mistake and avoid it happening to you.”

–  Robert Ambrogi, Legal Tech Blogger and creator of LawSites

“Nowadays, there’re so many blogs on ediscovery and most of them seem to repeat or rehash what have been blogged or reported elsewhere. The e-Lessons Learned blog is refreshing and worth keeping an eye on.”

–  Cher Devey, eDisclosure Myth or Reality: From litigation to the arbitration regime

”Within a week of writing my blog post on US v. Sensient Colors, Inc., a similar legal issue came up while I was at work. The issue of inadvertent production came up in a case I was handling and the lawyer I work with asked for information about when a party waives its privilege associated with inadvertently produced docs — the very issue raised in the US v. Sensient Colors, Inc. case. Blogging about this case was definitely helpful!”

–  Michael Glanzman, eLessons Learned Blogger

“E-lessons learned combines practical experiences and theoretical knowledge to create an e-discovery blog that identifies cases that expose e-discovery mishaps at the employee level.”


“Although I may have missed some, yours is the first article that I have seen addressing Zubulake II. It is often the lost opinion amongst the others.”

–   Laura A. Zubulake

“I love the idea that the blog is written by law students. It is good to see that e-discovery is slowly but surely making its way into academia.”

–   Gabe’s Guide to the e-Discovery Universe


“Fernando Pinguelo, Partner at Norris McLaughlin & Marcus P.A. and adjunct Professor at Seton Hall University Law School, has harnessed the power of his own students. They currently maintain the eLessons Learned blog as part of their eDiscovery course requirements. The site appeals to large audience with varying levels of experience in eDiscovery.”

Babs Deacon,