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Conference Recap – “Hot Topics in E-Discovery”

Attendees of “Hot Topics in E-Discovery,” an advanced E-Discovery conference hosted by Suffolk University Law School, gained invaluable insight on Friday, as a panel of four National E-Discovery attorneys and two Massachusetts judges addressed a wide range of issues relating to technology and the law. The format was lively and engaging, and included a Mock Rule 26 role playing exercise, reviews of recent social media and preservation case law, and several opportunities for the panelists to field questions from the audience.

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The Panel

From left: Shannon Capone Kirk, Esq.; Ruth Hauswirth, Esq.; Mollie C. Nichols, Esq.; Fernando M. Pinguelo, Esq.; Hon. Peter M. Lauriat, Associate Justice, Massachusetts Superior Court; Hon. Timothy Hillman, United States District Court Judge for the District of Massachusetts

Here’s a sample of our real-time tweets from the conference. Are you on Twitter? Follow us at @eLLblog_dot_com!

We’re at @Suffolk_Law covering “Hot Topics in eDiscovery” – stay tuned for live updates, pictures and more! http://bit.ly/PDYtYM

8:42 AM – 5 Oct 12 · Details


The “Hot Topics in eDiscovery” Panel conducts a Mock Rule 26 on “Review Choices” #ediscovery pic.twitter.com/DHmHAJlD

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9:53 AM – 5 Oct 12 · Details


Panelist Fernando M. Pinguelo, Esq. addresses privacy issues relating to social media #ediscovery pic.twitter.com/16HLRK8B

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11:05 AM – 5 Oct 12 · Details



Panelist Shannon Capone Kirk, Esq. addresses recent case law pertaining to social media #ediscovery pic.twitter.com/JTMeeLu0

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12:01 PM – 5 Oct 12 · Details

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