Confidentiality Agreement

When Are Trade Secrets Not Trade Secrets?

When are trade secrets no longer allowed to be kept secret?  According to the Southern District of New York, when you try to obtain a preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order in federal court you also appear to waive your right to trade secrets.

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Counsel’s Accidental Information Back-Up Breaks the Budget

When counsel for plaintiff Oxxford Information Technology entered into a confidentiality stipulation that all information exchanged during discovery would either be returned to the original party or destroyed, they never imagined that it would be so costly to get rid of the information. After the matter settled, however, Oxxford's counsel learned that they had "inadvertently backed up defendants' information onto numerous back-up tapes to their law firm's computer system." Ironically, it was Oxxford's counsel who had originally demanded the core business secrets that ended up on the tapes.

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