Meritas Leadership Institute Presents World Class eDiscovery Program

Meritas Leadership Institute Presents World Class eDiscovery Program


Orlando, FL,

On April 24, 2009, this year’s Meritas Leadership Institute (MLI) class presented “eDiscovery: Forging New Client Relationships Through Technical Expertise” at the Ritz-Carlton Convention Center, Orlando, Florida. The program addressed electronic data issues and their implications from the technical, litigation, corporate, and international perspectives.

Fernando M. Pinguelo, partner of Norris, McLaughlin & Marcus, P.A. (New Jersey) and Fellow of the MLI, kicked-off the program with an introduction addressing the national and international implications of eDiscovery.

Tom Mighell

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of Fios, Inc. presented the keynote address that focused on technology. Mighell’s presentation, “A Day In The Life of An Email,” addressed the technical aspects of email as he tracked an email’s lifespan from conception, to birth, to growth, to death, to resurrection.

The second half of the program featured an illustrious panel of in-house counsel who addressed eDiscovery issues from the litigation, corporate, and international perspectives. The panel was moderated by Wendy Parr, partner of Miller Johnson (Michigan) and a Fellow of the MLI.

Panelists shared personal experiences about how their responsibilities have been impacted by eDiscovery and how they deal with those issues. Panelists included some of the most respected and knowledgeable in-house counsel and technology experts today: Allison Brecher, Senior Corporate Counsel & E-Discovery Coordinator, Marsh & McLennan Companies; Dawson Horn, III, Senior Litigation Counsel, Tyco International; Alexander G. Arato, Vice President, Associate General Counsel, CA, Inc.; Kenneth N. Rashbaum, Esq., Director of Consulting, Fios, Inc.; and Craig Roy, Director of IT, Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed, P.A.


While each panelist offered unique insight into the national and international implications of eDiscovery, the message was unified: “Don’t wait for a massive government investigation before you consider and implement eDiscovery and document management protocols!”

“The underlying theme we conveyed is that Meritas member firms know the cross-over issues of law and technology that our clients face,” said Pinguelo. “The program identified the technological and legal issues clients confront, and offered solutions on how best to contain costs, reduce risk, achieve results, and deliver enduring value to clients,” added Pinguelo.

As part of this program, MLI Class Members developed client pamphlets titled Best Practices in Digital File Storage and Emerging Rules and Guidelines for eDiscovery in Canada to help provide a roadmap for eDiscovery compliance.

To download a copy of the pamphlets, click here.

The mood and reaction to the program as a whole was so eloquently summarized by Michael Scali, Co-Chair of the MLI Class and of Bayard, P.A. (Delaware): “I thought the presentation went perfectly; and the written materials were phenomenal as well. I am receiving a lot of great feedback. This was an excellent team effort. We really set the bar as far as these presentations go.”

The 2008-2009 Leadership Institute class lawyers responsible for coordinating this program and pamphlets are:

Najma Rashid, Brazeau Seller, LLP

(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Dana Bucin, Updike, Kelly & Spellacy, P.C.

(Hartford, Connecticut)

Michael Scali (Co-Chair), Bayard, P.A.

(Wilmington, Delaware)

Melissa Fernandez, Richman Greer, P.A.

(Miami, Florida)

W. Drew Sorrell, Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed, P.A.

(Orlando, Florida)

Michael Sullivan, Goldberg Kohn Bell Black Rosenbloom & Moritz, Ltd

(Chicago, Illinois)

Wendy Parr (Co-Chair), Miller Johnson

(Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Fernando Pinguelo, Norris, McLaughlin & Marcus, P.A.

(Somerville, New Jersey)

Jaremi Chilton, Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Martin

(Houston, Texas)


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