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December 3, 

eDiscovery Curricula at US Law Schools


September 1,

Law schools drag feet on e-discovery amid increasingly burdensome volume of electronic data

April 8, 2011Fox News LIVE

Small Businesses Who Get Hacked: Tips on what to do if cybercriminals hack your company computer

February 1, 2010The New Jersey Law Journal

“Blogroll”; Twitter’s Reach May Foster a Revolution

February 1, 2010The ABA Journal

“The Results Are In”; Cited among the most popular blogs in the Third Annual Blawg 100

December 1, 2009The ABA Journal

Honoree, The ABA Journal’s Third Annual Blawg 100

May 25, 2009eDisclosure Myth or Reality?

E-Lessons Learned Blog

April 9, 2009Gabe’s Guide to the e-Discovery Universe

Law Students Now Learning About “E-Lessons”

March 11, 2009TERIS Litigation Support Sentinel

New Blog Alert – Check out new eDiscovery best practices blog written by law students

March 1, 2009 – The Sedona Conference®Cooperation Proclamation

Press Coverage: Communication and Cooperation (As Opposed to Confrontation)

February 27, 2009Paralegal Student in the Golden State

E-Discovery, Part 3: Chance (and the court) Favors the Prepared Mind

February 26,

E-Discovery Lessons Learned

Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites

Blog Takes Clever Approach to E-Discovery

February 23, 2009TechnoLawyer BLAWGWORLD

New and noteworthy blawgs on the legal web (email newsletter)

February 18, 2009 – LawLine – Legal Beat Faculty Member Launches E-Discovery Blog

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    The blog takes a clever approach to [e-discovery]. Each post discusses an e-discovery case that involves an e-discovery mishap, generally by a company employee. It discusses the conduct that constituted the mishap and then offers its ‘e-lesson’ — a suggestion on how to learn from the mistake and avoid it happening to you.

    Robert Ambrogi

    Legal Tech Blogger and creator of LawSites

    Although I may have missed some, yours is the first article that I have seen addressing Zubulake II. It is often the lost opinion amongst the others.

    Laura A. Zubulake

    Plaintiff, Zubulake v. UBS Warburg

    Click here to see more.