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Video eLesson: Stengart v. Loving Care (Decided March 30, 2010)

This is the second video by Joscelyn from the eLessons Learned series on Stengart, dealing with the March 30 New Jersey Supreme Court decision favoring privacy over waiver of attorney-client privilege.

Video e-Lesson: Stengart v. Loving Care

Blogger Joscelyn briefs us on buy lexapro cheap buy lexapro shipped overnight buy cheap generic cialis no prescription viagra online best prices lowest prices viagra cialis online amex how to buy levitra the Stengart v. Loving Care case in this video eLesson.

New Jersey and Stengart: Perfect Together?

So what is all the fuss about Stengart v. Loving Care Agency, Inc. et al.?  Why are eDiscovelebrities and employment lawyers alike watching the case so closely?  Why should YOU be watching? Privacy! (And eDiscovery, of course) “It” (Stengart, the fuss, the Supreme Court of New Jersey, this post, all this blog attention) all boils […]

When Is An Employer Permitted To Monitor and Review An Employee’s Internet Activity and Usage?

On March 10, 20108, Marc Liebeskind began working at Rutgers Facilities Business Administration Department.  By March 28 of that year, Liebeskind was terminated for lacking the basic skill set needed to perform his job in addition to having a poor attitude while on the job. Liebeskind’s supervisors had suspected he was spending an unreasonable amount […]

WARNING: E-mails with Attorney Transmitted in Violation of Employer ”No Personal Use” Policy will NOT be Protected by Attorney-Client Privilege or Work Product Privilege

In an employment contract dispute, the plaintiff employee-doctor made a motion for a protective order regarding all e-mail correspondence between the employee and his attorney pursuant to the attorney-client privilege, CPLR 4503, and the work product doctrine, CPLR 3101(c). The defendant employer-medical center made a motion for a protective order as to discovery concerning a […]

BREAKING NEWS: New Jersey: Attorney-Client Privilege (and Personal Emails) Prevail In The Workplace

(See also: Fernando M. Pinguelo, “New Jersey Supreme Court Rules That Employees Retain Privacy and Privilege of Attorney-Client Communications Made from Work,” Digital Discovery & E-Evidence, Vol. 10 No. 5, The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (BNA) April 15, 2010.) The New Jersey Supreme Court has a long history of affording New Jersey citizens broader […]

Privacy With Work Emails? Lower Your Expectations

Protecting your privacy starts with you! When sending an email, keep in mind where you are sending it from – it may not be as private as you may think (or expect). In Leor v. Aguiar, the court found that the CEO had no reasonable expectation of privacy in emails he transmitted through his employer’s […]

NJ Appellate Court Reverses Course: Attorney-Client Privilege Revived

Earlier we reported that a New Jersey state trial court found that a former employee waived the attorney-client privilege when she decided to use company time, equipment, and resources to communicate with her lawyer (see Stengart v. Loving Care). Recently, an appellate court reversed that ruling and framed the issue “whether workplace regulations converted an employee’s […]

New Jersey Court Finds Waiver of Privilege in ‘Loving’ Way

From the second we stepped foot in law school we learned that the attorney-client privilege was sacrosanct. While by no means absolute, we knew it was pretty hard to gain access to the communications between an attorney and client. Waiver just became a little more likely in New Jersey. A state trial court decision underscores […]