Video e-Lesson: Stengart v. Loving Care

Video e-Lesson: Stengart v. Loving Care

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  1. I’m for privacy… and hope the Appeals Court is as well!

    • @uk visa law,
      Same here, though I’m also for common sense. Don’t use your work computer for working on your lawsuit against the company that owns the computer, while still on the clock.

      Though if everyone did that, we wouldn’t have anything to blog on…

      • I understand the individual concern for privacy, but I’ve spoken to some business owners who think there should be no such privacy on a company computer. When you’re at work, you’re to do work. Period. If you want to abuse the work equipment, then the company should have access to it. It’s a tough argument that I think could go either way.

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    Although I may have missed some, yours is the first article that I have seen addressing Zubulake II. It is often the lost opinion amongst the others.

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