Conference Recap – “Uses and Abuses of Social Media: A Lawyer’s Ethical & Professionalism Obligations”

Uses and Abuses of Social Media A Lawyer's Ethical & Professionalism Obligations Attorneys from across New Jersey gathered recently at the U.S. District Courthouse in Newark, NJ for an all-star panel of presenters for a program titled: "Uses and Abuses of Social Media: A Lawyer's Ethical & Professionalism Obligations." The program addressed jury considerations when dealing with social media, the impact of social media on discovery, evidence, and trial considerations, its impact on firm management. The panel of presenters, moderated by The Hon. Esther Salas, U.S.D.J., examined the unique ethical and professionalism obligations that arise when attorneys use social media or encounter it in their practice.

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eLessons Learned is the Official Blog for “Uses and Abuses of Social Media: A Lawyer’s Ethical & Professionalism Obligations”

Uses & Abuses of Social Media A Lawyer’s Ethical & Professionalism Obligations / Tuesday, October 16 - 4PM-6PM Federal Courthouse, Newark – Jury Conference Room District Court Judges eLessons Learned ( is proud to be the official blog of the Federal District Court, District of New Jersey-Newark Vicinage program titled “Uses and Abuses of Social Media: A Lawyer's Ethical & Professionalism Obligations.”

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Conference Recap – “Hot Topics in E-Discovery”

Attendees of "Hot Topics in E-Discovery," an advanced E-Discovery conference hosted by Suffolk University Law School, gained invaluable insight on Friday, as a panel of four National E-Discovery attorneys and two Massachusetts judges addressed a wide range of issues relating to technology and the law. The format was lively and engaging, and included a Mock Rule 26 role playing exercise, reviews of recent social media and preservation case law, and several opportunities for the panelists to field questions from the audience.

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eLessons Learned is the Official Blog for ”Hot Topics in E-Discovery”

  eLessons Learned ( is proud to be the official blog of Suffolk University Law School’s program titled “Hot Topics in E-Discovery.” Scheduled to be held at the law school in Boston, MA, October 5, 2012 from 9am to 1pm, the event is focused on advanced developments in electronic discovery with an emphasis on practical, real-life solutions offered through panel discussions and mock exercises.

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IAPP Summit Closing Remarks

Well, the 2012 IAPP Global Privacy Summit is a wrap, and we'd once again like to thank everyone who contributed to the event for having made it an educational, informative, and truly fun time. The lack of empty seats at nearly all of the breakout sessions just go to show how eager attendees were to hear more about the issues they face, or are preparing to face, in the months and years ahead, and the smiles and conversations heard through the halls of the conference center and at last night's Google-sponsored "Privacy Bash" seem to confirm that the experience was a valuable one to all in attendance. I had a moment the other night to catch up with IAPP President and CEO J. Trevor Hughes as well, who let me know that the 70 sessions and 170 speakers at this year's event marked the largest IAPP summit to date. Even so, he and his IAPP colleagues were pleased with the results.

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IAPP Global Privacy Summit – Day 2 Recap

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of sitting in on three great conference sessions. The first, titled "Cybercrime: the New Reality of Information Security," was led by Christina Peters, Senior Counsel for Security and Privacy (IBM), as well as Jack Danahy, Director for Advanced Security (IBM) and Thomas Grasso Jr., Supervisory Special Agent (FBI-National Cyber Forensics and Training Alliance). The session provided great insight on what criminals are doing with compromised data and personal identification information (PII) once they obtain it, so that we may better understand the nature of these crimes and take better measures to protect data. The second, "Mining Consumer Data on Social Media: What Not to Do," was

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IAPP Global Privacy Summit – Day 2

We're here attending the second day of events at this year's Global Privacy Summit, held March 7-9 at the Washington DC Marriott Hotel. This summit is designed to connect attendees with privacy gurus from across the globe through seminars and lectures tailored to help any business tackle complex privacy and eDiscovery challenges they face in the course of business and/or litigation. From the summit web site: Expand your outlook at the Summit. Join privacy, security and data protection experts from around the globe for three inspiring days to discuss your challenges, debate the latest privacy issues and get the answers you need to achieve excellence. We will be updating the blog with interviews and happenings as the day goes on. Click here for an at-a-glance view of today's activities, and check back soon for more info.

UPCOMING EVENT: “Law, Technology and Freedom: Emerging Issues” @ the Computer and Technology Law Journal Symposium

The Rutgers Computer and Technology Law Journal at Rutgers School of Law–Newark will hold its 41st anniversary symposium, titled “Law, Technology and Freedom: Emerging Issues,” on Wednesday and Thursday, October 5 and 6, 2011. George Washington University Law School Professor Orin Kerr, who clerked at the U.S. Supreme Court for Justice Anthony Kennedy, will deliver the keynote address on “How the Internet Is Revolutionizing Criminal Law.” The journal will host a reception for faculty, students, and alumni prior to the reception. Email to confirm attendance at the reception and keynote. The following is the symposium schedule:

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Upcoming Event: “Legal Careers on Demand” Career Fair – October 18-19, 2011

Sponsored by The Computer Forensics Show and, the "Legal Careers on Demand" Career Fair, taking place in San Francisco California, will create a forum for employers to meet job seekers via pre-scheduled appointments in private meeting rooms at the show. Companies registered for the career fair will receive unlimited job postings to advertise all their current openings on, and job seekers will be able to apply directly to the hiring managers and recruiters to set up meetings at the show. What's more, the event is taking place at the Bentley Reserve!

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Cybersecurity News: Antisecurity Groups Plan Occupation of Wall St. September 17… In Real Life

What’s Going On? The hactivist group that goes by the name “Anonymous” has collaborated with the group Adbusters to organize their nonviolent protest titled “Occupy Wall Street.” On September 17, 2011, dubbed the ‘Day of Rage,’ the groups plan to gather 20,000 individuals and occupy Wall Street and protest peacefully for months until their demands are met. Numerous videos on YouTube have been posted by both groups explaining their plan, stating that “[o]n September 17, we want to see 20,000 people flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months. Once there, we shall incessantly repeat one simple demand in a plurality of voices.” Interestingly, the groups have not articulated exactly what their “one demand” is, except to say “we want freedom.”

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