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Clouds and Roots and Viruses…Oh my! Understanding the Nexus Between Speed and Safety in Cloud Computing and What it Means for E-discovery

According to other technology bloggers, there has been significant development in cloud security…which is sure to have an impact on e-discovery.  What’s cloud security?  To understand where you’re going, you have to know where you’ve been. Anyone who uses computers for their home or business is connected to a server.  A server is a software program (or a computer that runs the program) which provides a specific service to the computer(s) connected to it.  Each server has a finite amount of power, so (1) it will run slower as the number of networked computers connected to it increase; (2) it will run slower as the size of the jobs requested by the network increase; or (3) both.  You’ve probably experienced this at work: you and fifty of your coworkers are trying to print huge .pdf files simultaneously and it’s taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Lucky for us office-types, IT specialists have discovered that the efficiency of the server-network interaction can be increased by using groups of servers instead of just one.  A group of servers sharing tasks requested by a network is called a “cloud.”  Chuck Hollis, who wrote the article on which this post is based, provides this definition: By "cloud", I mean any next-generation IT environment that's (1) built differently -- dynamic pools of virtualized resources, (2) operated differently -- purpose-built zero-touch or low-touch operational models, and (3) consumed conveniently -- use of resource includes pay-for-use models, or other forms of convenient consumption. A pay-for-use model just means that you pay, for example, fifteen cents per gigabyte of information exchanged.  Pricing may also be determined by the time it takes for the cloud to complete a specified task. Why Clouds Deserve Special Treatment When there are parts of projects from multiple networks going to clouds of servers, tracking information and protecting it from hackers can become difficult.  Enter: Cloud Security Takes a Big Leap Forward.  This article presents solutions to cloud-security problems.

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